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10 March 2013 North Korea People What Do People In North Korea Knows About The USA?

How Do North Koreans See the US?

North Korea PeopleWhat do people in North Korea knows about the USA? It is a question that goes through the mind of a lot of Americans considering its relationship with the reclusive state. It is very difficult to know for certain what goes on in the minds of North Koreans considering how difficult it is to get in the country, let alone conduct a survey or study regarding how North Koreans view the rest of the world. What the world does know is that the country has a very firm grip on the media and education. People get a basic idea of what people think of the US based on the propaganda and the kind of education the current administration of North Korea gives its people.

What do people in North Korea knows about the USA?

An Answer Through Propaganda

North Korean soldierTo say that North Korea views the United States with great resentment would be a massive understatement. All forms of media in North Korea are controlled with an iron fist. After watching documentaries that show what it’s like to live in North Korea people from all over the world find it difficult to believe that a country would go to such great lengths in order to paint an entire country in such a negative light.

The most shocking thing about North Korean propaganda is that it portrays the United States as being inherently evil. There are journalists who agree that the propaganda in North Korea is patently racist whilst taking an ultra nationalist angle.


While there are plenty of people out there who view the US military war machine with a negative point of view, none are probably as bad as how North Koreans probably see them. There are stories of how museums in North Korea have US soldiers depicted in paintings killing babies.

The gifts and aid that the people in the United States gives to people in North Korea, such as food and medicine, is labeled as resources that were either “stolen from a US military base” or “war reparations” for their ongoing conflict with the capitalist giant. Even more ludicrous is the fact that North Korea does the same thing with the aid given to them by their allies like China.

The USA Is A Country That Has To Be Fought

It is not bad enough that the USA is portrayed as being a country inhabited by evil people. North Korean propaganda even goes so far as to show that the only kind of relationship that they can share with the US is one with a hostile nature. A lot of propaganda spreads news about how the next Great War North Korea will wage will be on American soil.

One of the most disturbing examples of North Korean propaganda is an educational cartoon called “Pencil Rocket”. The cartoon portrays a child who falls asleep while doing his homework. The child is shown dreaming of being attacked by US fleets of tanks. The child is unable to retaliate with an appropriate response because he cannot properly measure the angle of his Pencil Rocket. Media programs such as Pencil Rocket permeate throughout North Korean society.

How North Korea Views Itself

North Korea Lake SamilpoThe propaganda in North Korea doesn’t stop at vilifying the US and other foreign countries. North Koreans basically view their own country as heaven on earth.

North Korea teaches its citizens that their country and their glorious leader are ahead of everyone else on the planet. The hamburger for example, is not called the hamburger in North Korea. In North Korea the hamburger goes by the name of “minced beef with bread” and was supposedly made by their late leader Kim Jung Il.


By Hanks Somecotton